Truck Driver Without ADR

We are currently seeking an experienced and responsible truck driver with a CE driver's license and code 95 to transport various goods. We have various work options that can be discussed in more detail. The job can involve both full-time work (5 days) and flexible schedules, including working by decades or even allowing for overnight stays at home for those residing in The Hague. We are ready to consider individual preferences of each applicant separately.


- Transporting various goods using a truck (container carrier or other types of trucks) according to the schedule and client requirements.
- Loading, unloading, and properly securing goods to ensure their safety during transportation.
- Adhering to road safety regulations and transport regulations.
- Regularly checking the truck's technical condition and conducting necessary maintenance.
- Maintaining documentation and reports related to the transportation of goods.


- CE driver's license with code 95.
- Experience as a truck driver transporting various goods.
- Knowledge of road safety regulations and transport regulations.
- Excellent truck driving skills and ability to properly secure cargo.
- Attention to detail and ability to work according to schedules.
- Excellent language skills required for communication with clients and colleagues.

What We Offer:

- Competitive hourly rate depending on the work schedule, starting from €13.94 gross per hour and up to €18 (according to D0-D6 level).
- Overtime pay, standby pay, and overnight allowances in accordance with Dutch legislation.
- Flexible work schedule that can be discussed individually.
- Option for overnight stays at home for those residing in The Hague.
- Direct employment contract with the company.

Additional Benefits (provided after signing a permanent contract, typically after 6 months of employment):

- Diplomas and certificates from regulatory bodies.
- Opportunities for professional development and training to stay updated with changes in rules and standards.

If you are a reliable and experienced truck driver with a CE driver's license and code 95 for transporting various goods and are open to various work options, we look forward to receiving your application. Join our team of professionals and help us ensure reliable and efficient delivery of goods. Submit your application today to start a satisfying career in the field of freight transport.