Our relationship with Partners

We highly value our partners and strive to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Collaborating with us opens up unique opportunities for partners, allowing them to work with leading companies in the Netherlands and expand their business prospects.
We are ready to offer you special partnership programs that contribute to the growth of your business. Our team constantly seeks new opportunities for collaboration and creating partnership connections to achieve mutual success.
Partnership with us provides access to our high-quality services and expands your talent pool. We offer a personalized approach and comprehensive support in the search and selection of qualified candidates that meet your requirements.
Additionally, we are pleased to offer additional benefits to our partners, such as exclusive trainings, language learning, and the opportunity to participate in corporate events. Together, we can achieve great results and create a favorable working environment for all our partners.



In partnership with non-profit organizations, we offer free educational seminars, employment assistance for professionals, and complimentary consultations on topics within our expertise.


We are the exclusive partner of Universe of Learn to Earn in Benelux, offering high-quality IT education. Operating internationally with over 5 branches, the university ensures skilled professionals and provides comprehensive solutions for IT specialist training, enhancing efficiency for both graduates and existing professionals.


We exclusively partner with Fair Wind in the Benelux region. Specializing in providing skilled seafarers globally, Fair Wind's 35,000+ Ukrainian officers and ratings cover various vessels. Committed to high standards, they adhere to ISO and MLC regulations, ensuring STCW compliance. Their services, from documentation renewal to travel bookings, cater to diverse maritime needs.


As exclusively partners in technical candidate placement, we collaborate as a staffing agency, bridging job seekers and employers. Our role involves advertising roles, screening applicants, and referring qualified candidates to fulfill technical positions.

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