MOT Testing Mechanic

We are currently seeking a highly skilled and authorized MOT Testing Mechanic to join our team. As a professional in this role, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that vehicles meet the required safety and environmental standards set by the Ministry of Transport (MOT).


- Conduct MOT tests on vehicles in accordance with regulatory requirements and standards.
- Thoroughly inspect various components of the vehicle, including brakes, suspension, steering, lights, and emissions system, to ensure they meet the necessary standards.
- Provide detailed reports on the condition of the vehicle and any required repairs or maintenance.
- Stay updated with changes in regulations and standards for vehicle testing to ensure accurate and reliable testing services.


- Completion of a training program and certification exam to become an authorized MOT Testing Mechanic.
- Strong knowledge of vehicle components and systems.
- Attention to detail and ability to perform thorough inspections.
- Excellent understanding of safety and environmental standards.
- Ability to accurately identify and report any issues or necessary repairs.
- Commitment to staying updated with changes in regulations and standards.

What We Offer:

- Competitive hourly wage: €14.50 - €60 brutto per hour (based on a 40-hour full-time workweek).
- Overtime pay at a rate of 125% for each additional hour worked and 200% on holidays (solely at your own discretion).
- Paid vacation entitlement after the first month of employment, based on the number of hours worked, following local legislation (more hours worked result in increased vacation entitlement).
- Compensation for travel: €0.21 euro cents per kilometer for the round trip.

Additional Benefits (provided after signing an indefinite contract, typically after 6 months of employment):

- Diplomas and certificates from the relevant regulatory bodies.
- Opportunities for professional development and training to stay updated with evolving regulations and standards.

If you are a dedicated and authorized MOT Testing Mechanic seeking a new opportunity, we look forward to receiving your application. Join our team of professionals and contribute to our commitment to ensuring vehicles meet the required safety and environmental standards. Apply today to embark on a rewarding career in the automotive industry.